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Maps I've Made

A Leaflet.js map built with Folium, which shows the locations of artwork in DOE buildings. Artwork and location data is sourced from NYC Open Data.

A map that shows the density of residential units within a half-mile's walking distance of every intersection in Manhattan. Made possible with the help of Python libraries: OSMNx, NetworkX, iGraph, MatPlotLib, GeoPandas, and SodaPy.

Question: What is the minimum number of sites needed in order to place a site within a half-mile's walking distance of every Manhattan resident? A GitHub repo which houses my scripts that attempt to answer this question, and a video that simulates the end-result.

A GitHub repo that holds files to produce isochrone (equal walking time) maps of various location-based resources around NYC, using datasets available via NYC Open Data and NYC Dept. of City Planning.

A GitHub repo that contains a script for generating choropleth maps of average time to repair potholes across NYC.