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Wikipedia Projects


WikiFilms is a webapp that displays a streaming animation of all the edits to a given Wikipedia page. It is an art project that allows viewers to see the organic growth of Wikipedia articles over time. For a desktop version, please see WikiFlix! WikiFlix does basically the same thing, but runs in a MatPlotLib event loop on your desktop.

Neither WikiFilms nor WikiFlix store any image data locally or on any server. The pixel data is piped straight to your monitor for display!


WikiTools is a webapp that provides tools to help develop Wikipedia literacy. WikiTools is very much a work in progress, and therefore has many bugs and limited functionality. At present, it provides tools for searching all revisions over time as well as by editor. The link to pass data between these two functions is broken, however.

Politics, Python, and Wikipedia

A piece I wrote for the blog "Towards Data Science," which explores claims made about using Wikipedia as an indicator for political futures in the 2020 US Vice Presidential Election.